Ukulele Links

This page is dedicated to links to ukulele sites.
Anything Ukulele related you will find here.

If you click on a link it will open over the present page.
You need to use the back arrow ( top left of screen ) to come back here.

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Uke Chords
This is the best ukulele chord site I have seen. Every chord in every position. Take a look.

Logue Music Services
You can transform the key of any song.

UK Uke Music
A variety of PDF downloads to some well-known and not so well-known songs
Richard G’s website. Some more songs that may be of interest
A link to some basic chords

Chester Ukulele Players
A site with songbooks, photos and more
Ukester hails from Minnesota USA. Take a look at his site some interesting and useful articles.
In fact Burton Ukulele Band and another local Uke Band ( Wirral Ukulele Fanatics ) feature on his site …….

Southern Ukulele Store
If you are looking for a new Uke take a look at this website. They have Uke specialists to advise you.
Excellent site for chord-shapes, Tabs, Tuner and much more.

Mersey Belles
Local duo who play a variety of genre and sing in harmony

Eduardo lives in New York and teaches basic ukulele via podcasts

Neston Ukes
This is a relatively new uke band who are growing in numbers.


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